“Rosetti Superyachts is built on the long-established history and experience of Marino Rosetti. The shipyard is almost a century old, starting in 1925. Rosetti Marino has built 190 commercial vessels. Rosetti Superyachts can bring this vast experience and expertise in commercial supply and anchor vessels to superyachts. “At every one of our yachts core is the strength of the hull. Our hull design is derived from our commercial vessels and that is what we are bringing to the yacht world. We are taking the best parts of our commercial ships into the luxury space.”

Fulvio Dodich in Superyacht Investor"


Fulvio discusses with The Yacht Channel:


Sharp and modern exterior lines with a straight bow characterize our 38-meter explorer, offering all the comforts and dedicated spaces of a more traditional yacht to you and your guests. Built with a steel hull and an aluminum super-structure, this RSY displacement explorer lets you cruise long distances in complete safety.


A 65 metre long Explorer with strong Supply Vessel characteristics: this is ORCA, the last stunning project born in Rosetti Superyachts shipyard. Her name comes after the largest and most powerful component of the dolphins' family, the "killer-whale" and just like these beautiful mammals, she has been conceived to roam the oceans from polar seas to the tropic's ones as free and safe as possible.

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