The non-profit ocean exploration company OceanX, run by billionaire Ray Dalio had Damen Ship Repair in Rotterdam refit and upgrade the 85.3 meter "Volstad Surveyor", an advanced ROV survey vessel built in 2010 at C.N.P Freire S.A., in Vigo, Spain. Gresham Yacht Design is responsible for the design of the upgrades and the new interior. The explorer features a forward helicopter landing deck with adjacent hangar, a submersibles garage, an ROV deployment bay and a transom 40-ton A-frame launch and side boarding systems for ROV's and divers.  A 40-ton crane can assist with submersibles launch, towed sonar arrays and other heavy equipment. The vessel's equipment complement includes piloted and autonomous underwater drones and two custom Triton submersibles capable of diving to depths exceeding 1,000-metres. The vessel carries a media production studio developed with director James Cameron, plus state-of-the-art wet and dry marine research labs for analyzing scientific discoveries. 

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