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U.S. Flag. ABS Class. Ocean Starr is one of the finest ocean-going research ships in the world, and she would convert into a remarkable yacht with capabilities that surpass most modern equipment. The US Government built these ship's to the highest possible standards. This vessel has earned its keep on survey charter contracts. ABS/SOLAS surveys show her to have a clean Bill of Health. She is currently configured for science with ample options for lots of alternative cruising styles. OCEAN STARR can be configured to be a fabulous “under the radar” world cruising platform for family, friends and company. Ready for adventuring Fresh ABS survey SOLAS certified for 18+ crew Ready to be a serious mother ship Ready to be a serious floating surf shack Ready to be a serious long range globe trotter. Ready to make a difference doing serious science Ocean Starr, ex David Starr Jordan, has been a work horse for NOAA and science. So far she has spent an estimated 8,949 days at sea and sailed more than 1.3 million miles. Researchers aboard the vessel measured and weighed 1,000 sea turtles, took 27,000 photographs using remotely operated vehicles (ROVS), and conducted 27,000 oceanographic sampling casts, 22,000 plankton tows and 4,700 fish trawls. The ship has participated in expeditions extending from ALASKA to Peru and the Galapagos Islands. Recently Ocean Starr was chartered to a private non­profit studying the Pacific gyre (floating plastic), base­lining and recording this danger to our oceans. OCEAN STARR should be seriously considered by the hard core adventurists. 

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